Lava Climbing started in the highlands of Ecuador, as two guys who were looking for new bouldering crashpads and decided instead to make their own. This small project started to gain interest and the outdoor community rallied around them. Through thoughtful product development and testing by experienced outdoors people, we are creating new, original gear but without the sticker-shock price.

South America has endless rock and development potential, but the cost of imported gear can be a major challenge for members of its burgeoning climbing scene. As Ecuador’s first major domestic climbing gear producer, we plan to change that. We also have our line of apparel, from Gorrión, and a collaboration with Pristiño Labs for training equipment. Both are new and ambitious brands from Quito.

Why Lava Climbing ?

Lava is both the geological and social bedrock of Ecuador.

Massive volcanic cliffs form the front walls of enormous solidified lava flows. Whether you’re chalking up in Cuyuja’s lush humidity, setting up camp in the dry sun of San Fernando, or shaking out in the San Juan winds, you’re climbing the remnants of eruptions past. The volcanoes here formed everything, and they are the foundation of climbing in this beautiful country.

Lava Climbing Gear is named for the bedrock of the country we started in. Maybe you prefer climbing on sandstone in las Torrecillas in Chile or wild-camping on the Preikestolen in Norway, you can be confident that our gear comes from somewhere special. Join us on our journey.

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