Huecos de diferentes profundidades - más presas sin cambiar las dimensiones de la tabla. Novatos y expertos pueden entrenar en el mismo board. El fingerboard permite entrenamientos progresivamente más difíciles, hacia regletas más pequeñas y monodedos. Presas buenas, regletas, romos con lijas para no resbalarse. Todo lo necesario para hacer: hangs, bloqueos con peso y hasta barras.


Hecho por Pristiño Labs.




Working with Pristiño Labs, we've completely redesigned our 100% wooden fingerboards and we've created something unique. We present to you the Clasick.


This new and improved fingerboard uses innovative multi-depth holds. It multiplies the possibilities - giving you more holds while not changing the dimensions of the board. This allows both beginners and more advanced climbers to train on the same board. The fingerboard enables progressively harder training, where you can gradually migrate from deeper holds to shallower holds, one finger at a time.


Made by hand with quality in mind. Produced from the best quality wood, these fingerboards are designed with longevity in mind. Don't trust resin or plywood fingerboards that you may find, chose a quality product and it'll last a lifetime.


Personalise your fingerboard with a custom message for no additional cost!

Fingerboard Clásick


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